Important Information

What to bring:

  • Meditation cushion for workshops
  • Personal waterbottle
  • Comfortable clothing for practice
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Swim suit
  • Tent if you are in the camping
  • בגדים לבנים אם בא לכם לשישי בערב.

The festival takes place at the Givat Haviva campus, located about 5 minutes' drive from Pardes Hana Karkur and the Iron interchange on Route 6. 45 minutes' drive from Tel Aviv. Easy!

Gates open on Thursday 14:00
הפסטיבל יסתיים ביום שבת בשעה 18:00

Givat Haviva, was established in 1949 as the educational center of the National Kibbutz and as a place that promotes reconciliation, coexistence and creativity between Jews and Arabs. It is the home of the festival since 2016.

A beautiful and spacious green village, full of lawns, natural shade, trees, flowers, large halls, guest rooms, a pleasant, rural kibbutz with a pastoral atmosphere and the perfect home for our festival.

It is important to note that we are taking the entire campus, which means that during the festival no other activities take place there. In Givat Haviva we are establishing an impressive and beautiful village there.

Scattered across the hill are the festival complexes, 10 air-conditioned halls that serve as central complexes for workshops. As well as the large auditorium where the exotic performances take place at noon. 

Food and Drinks

At the festival, there will be a Chai Shop that serves healthy smoothies, hot and cold drinks and other sweets and treats. There will also be a restaurant with healthy and vegan vegetarian food specially created for the festival
All at friendly prices.

Throughout the campus there are water taps, public toilets and showers for use during the festival

Rooms for Rent on Campus

A variety of rooms - rooms for 2, for 4 and for 8 people.
The prices are graded accordingly. In each room there is shower, toilet, air conditioning and bed linens.
To book rooms, click on the menu Tickets
לשאלות שלחו וואטסאפ ל 052-7720200

A camping area is located inside a grove, the camping accommodation is included in the price of the ticket, there is no additional cost.

Water Village

Water Village פעיל לאורך הפסטיבל, עם בריכות, מוזיקה ופעילות. וכולל השנה מתחם מים קפואים. 

The Market

A complex that includes art, various yoga and health products, clothes, accessories and more.

Treatment Complex

Operates on the festival grounds - you can go treat yourself. The treatments range from 30 to 90 minutes at friendly prices.


מבקשים מאוד לא להגיע באוטו לבד, אלא לפחות 2-4 אנשים באוטו, יותר חסכוני, יותר ירוק, ויותר כייף לנסוע ביחד, וגם משאיר יותר מקומות בחנייה.

אנא הציעו ובקשו טרמפים בקבוצת הוואטסאפ לטמרפים, הקליקו כאן 

Parking on campus - please listen to the instructions of the helpers at the entrance of the grounds.
The tickets will be waiting for you at the festival box office.

The Festival Newsletter

Upon entering the festival you will receive the festival newspaper, over 30 pages containing all the information you will need: the schedule, a map, details about a workshop and class, performance and lecture. Take it with you everywhere.

What to bring:

  • Meditation cushion for workshops
  • Personal waterbottle
  • Comfortable clothing for practice
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Swim suit
  • Tent if you are in the camping
  • White clothes if you want for Friday Night

Directions (How to get here)

Write Givat Haviva in WAZE! 

Carpools - traveling together is both greener, more economical and more fun. And also leaves a space in the parking lot, we really ask that there be at least 2-4 people in the car, you are welcome to offer and ask  on our Facebook event


You can get to Pardes Hana station and continue by taxi, you can share a taxi with 2-4 friends from there, OR get off at Hadera station, take a bus to the central station in Hadera, and from there continue on bus 63 to Givat Habiva.

Timetables on the Israel Railways website.


From Tel Aviv and Haifa: get to the central station in Hadera,
you can search for a suitable bus on Egged's website.
From the Central Station in Hadera go on bus 63 of the Netiv Express company to Givat Haviva.

Schedule and other details on the company's website

Safe Travels and we will see you at the Conference!

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