The festival is also actually an Osho Israel conference.

Only once a year do all the Osho-inspired facilitators in the country gather in one place for 3 days, and share what they have learned and experienced over the years. All the presenters at the festival have spent years and years studying Osho, or have undergone training at one of his international centers. They also operate throughout the whole year, offering various courses, in-depth processes and workshops.

At the festival you will be able to taste everything and experience when they will guide in 10 different air-conditioned complexes more than 100 experiential workshops on the topics of therapy, meditation, relationships, breathing, body, therapy, tantra, dance, movement, development, awareness and more...

The Osho Israel Festival is a whole school that comes to life for 3 days with many hundreds of participants.
You are invited.


תרפיה, נשימה והילד הפנימי


פסיכולוגיה של הצ'אקרות ומדיטיציה


מדיטציות חברתיות, מדיטציות של אושו


ריפוי והתפתחות
נשימה ומדיטציה


שינוי הרגלים בכוח הכוונה

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