About the Festival

פסטיבל אושו ישראל חוגג 15 שנים!

The festival, which over the years has touched and influenced the lives of many and has grown to become the largest Osho festival in the world! For three days a village is created; a village embodying within itself a vision of a wholesome life this Utopia that we have created.

We invite you for three days on a colorful village different from anything you have experienced; a village that combines a transformative and powerful awareness conference alongside a festival for one big celebration.

The conference is within the festival; this is Osho's annual conference in Israel. Osho is considered by many to be the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20th century and the modern era; and one of the most influential throughout human history. In the confrence we bring together all the facilitators who work in the spirit of Osho in Israel to one place for 3 days. We will hold close to 100 workshops with unique interesting experiences on various topics, open to the general public, in 10 air-conditioned halls, with as many as hundreds of participants. The complexes are divided according to the following themes: therapy, meditation, relationships, breathing, movement, body, nutrition, care, development, awareness and children.

Alongside the Conference the Festival is Happening

A fine and multifaceted musical celebration with live performances by the best artists on 3 stages in the village. Starting the day with exciting acoustic performances through to the afternoon in the air-conditioned auditorium, to parties full of groove and funk in the water village afternoons through to sunset, to sweeping and rhythmic performances on the main stage on the grass under the sky all night long.

The perfect balance between inside and outside, between music and silence, between celebration and peace, between time alone and time with friends, you choose the right rhythm and doses.

It is an open gathering of friends and friends of friends, (and an excellent place to meet new ones) a time of togetherness outside of your usual routine in a comfortable environment and family atmosphere, open, calm, happy, pleasant intimate outside the masses.

The festival takes place in the green and spacious village of Givat Haviva. 

Right in the backyard of Pardes Hana-Karkur, you can also find the water village that we are building (not your usual pool), endless grass and space, quiet areas, shaded camping areas, air-conditioned sleeping rooms of various types, children's activity complex, a therapy complex, an artists' market, colorful happenings, vegetarian and vegan food and many more surprises!

We have worked quite a bit over the years in order to reach the thirteenth year, the festival kept developing each and every year, quite a few people passed by, people who spent countless powerful, beautiful and unforgettable moments with us. The festival is a sea of meetings, dances, that happened between people.

נרגשים מאוד להמשיך לחגוג ולהתכנס בפעם ה-15 ולהזמין אתכם לקחת חלק בפסטיבל השנה.

נושא הפסטיבל השנה יהיה:

בחזרה ליסודות – BACK TO BASICS

כי כשאתה הולך בדרך כבר 15 שנה אז מגיע הזמן וזה תמיד טוב לחזור להתחלה

לשאול את עצמך ולהיזכר למה את.ה הולך בה? מה הבסיס שלה? מאיפה הכל התחיל? מתחיל? למה מדיטציה? חיבור לגוף, לנשימה, לכאן לעכשיו? מהי באמת אהבה? מהם גבולות נכונים ובריאים? למה התכנסות? למה מודעות? למה נוכחות? למה פסטיבל? וגם איך ומה.

וזה יהיה הלב של מה שנעשה.
כמובן לצד מוזיקה וחגיגה, התכנסות, קהילה וחוויה עוצמתית נדירה.

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